BCIT’s Forensic DNA Laboratory is the foundation of the forensic biology education within the forensic science programs in the department. The presence of an SCC-accredited facility represents an incredible opportunity to educate the next generation of forensic scientists. Students are exposed, in a highly controlled manner, to the operational and rigorous quality assurance realities of a functioning forensic DNA laboratory.

  • Casework experience directly impacts the classroom environment where mock evidence is processed as per industry standards.
  • Applied research naturally stems from the need to advance the science of human identification. Selected projects and students are supported in the facility as part of the required degree capstone process.
  • Practicum opportunities are often available for students to provide applied experience in forensic science to support their education.

Some of our student projects are highlighted below. If you have an interest in being a part of the forensic science program, please look at our course offerings here.

We are always on the lookout for new opportunities for our students to partner with industry experts on projects that address a need in the field. If you are looking to work with a student on a graduation project please contact us at

Most Recent Student Project

Posted by Steen Hartsen | February 24, 2016

GlobalFiler and the Impacts on Familial Searching

Familial searching is a method often requested by investigators when they need to test a relationship between unidentified human remains (UHR) and family members of a missing person (MP). The technique is used to answer a question like “Is this deceased individual the son of Mr. Fred Smith?” From a statistical standpoint, these “indirect”, familial…