Dean Hildebrand

Dr. Hildebrand received his BSc (1990) and PhD (1996) from the University of British Columbia’s Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. His knowledge of molecular biology led him to pursue a career in forensic science. Dr. Hildebrand is currently the Associate Dean for the Computing, Chemistry and Forensics departments. Prior to that he has held faculty and director positions within the Forensics department at BCIT and is a recognized expert in the field of forensic DNA analysis. His work focuses on the recovery and analysis of DNA from degraded remains using STR’s, mini-STR’s, Y-STR’s and mitochondrial DNA for the purposes of human identification. The laboratory he helped establish at BCIT is called upon by local and international Coroner and Police agencies to assist in challenging casework where human identification is required. He also works as a consultant for the B.C. Coroners Service (Identification and Disaster Response Unit) as a subject matter expert in forensic DNA analysis. In this capacity he helped develop and now maintains the unidentified remains and missing person DNA database for the province of BC.