Jason Moore

Jason Moore has been extensively involved in forensic DNA testing, research, and curriculum development at the BCIT Forensic Science and Technology department since 2006. After completing his Bachelor of Science degree in 2005 at UBC, he came to BCIT and completed an Advanced Specialty Certificate in Forensic Science in 2007. In 2006 he began to working with Dr. Hildebrand in the BCIT Forensic DNA laboratory. Jason’s duties include biological screening, forensic DNA testing, report writing, and technical review of case files. Currently he is also responsible for quality assurance activities in the laboratory which has recently achieved accreditation under the Standards Council of Canada. Jason completed a Master’s degree from SFU in the field of ancient DNA in 2011 and has been qualified and testified as forensic DNA expert witness.  He is also one of the Instructors in the Forensic Biology: DNA Typing Theory and Application courses at BCIT.